Saheliyo Ki Badi - “Garden Of The Maids”

In the sandy state of Rajasthan, the city of Udaipur ,also known as the jewel of Mewar is  a lush green paradise enveloped by the mighty Aravalli range itself!

Rightfully owning the title of Kashmir Of West, there are several dazzling lakes and plush gardens as visiting points in Udaipur!

One such serene and royal garden is that of The Saheliyo Ki Badi!

Built by Maharana Sangram in the 18th century, Saheliyo Ki Badi is positioned on the banks of the Fatehsagar lake and is famous for its delightful gardens, awe inspiring architecture, fascinating marble art work and imposing fountains.

Visitors get to witness the eye pleasing view of the Fatehsagar lake as well as the rich colorful fauna of the place.

The chapters of history unfold that the garden was designed by the king itself and was presented to the queen, as a leisure spot for her and her 48 maids who accompanied the queen in marriage. And thats how it got it’s name as well!

The garden has now transformed into one of the most popular visiting points in Udaipur, Rajasthan and its serene and tranquil appeal attracts various Udaipur dwellers to it.

One must definitely take a stroll down the colorful flower beds and witness the numerous water fountains in the enchanting water pools. The marble elephants and well-designed kiosks add extra charm to the beauty of the place and hence increase the romantic quotient of the gardens.

We strongly suggest you visit there if you're planning a trip to Udaipur.