Business phone in the cloud : what you need to know !

Dematerialisation and cloud services are becoming increasingly important for businesses. Today's 100% cloud telephony solutions go one step further, allowing businesses to get rid of fixed IP terminals and access the virtual switch directly from all mobile devices, including smartphones and employee PCs. This is a real advantage for companies working remotely and for industries that require a high degree of mobility, such as transport or real estate. Find out more about this new generation of business phones that are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

How does cloud TV for business work ? 

Technically, your PBX is hosted and managed in the cloud. For more information, click for more info. This way, your operator provides the phone system for the remote server, its management interface and the applications that use it, without you having to intervene. All you need is an internet connection to connect to the phone system and access all the standard features. 

The app is therefore very simple and remote for the user: you configure and customise the solution as you see fit, while users simply connect to the system via a secure and intuitive app. Once logged in, they have access to unlimited phone plans, a shared company address book and all the features you have allocated. This can be done from any mobile device at work or at home.

What is the difference between cloud-based business telephony and other Voice over IP systems ?

  • 100% mobile telephony

The number one advantage of cloud telephony is mobility! With a system that is 100% hosted in the cloud, any of your authorized employees can connect to business telephony at any time from any mobile device, whether it's a phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. The type of terminal no longer matters and these solutions are now compatible with all types of operating systems (OS).

  • Commissioning and maintenance costs

When the entire VoIP system is not fully virtualized, whether it is IPBX or Centrex, you will always have additional costs for equipment and/or commissioning, maintenance and upgrades, hosting or custom IP terminals. 

  • No need for dedicated internal resources

Business cloud telephony is the ally of small and medium-sized businesses that do not have sufficient internal resources to manage their business telephony system, including updates or equipment maintenance. Freed from this aspect, IT teams can focus on their core business.