Everything you need to know about the MacBook Air 2021

The MacBook Air 2021 has been upgraded from an Intel processor to the famous M1 processor designed directly by Apple. It has an excellent design, is lightweight, and performs well. Here's everything you need to know about the MacBook Air 2021.

The design of the MacBook Air 2021

The MacBook Air M1 is available in gold, silver and steel grey. You will need an adapter for macbook air laptop. It is the most compact laptop offered by Apple. This is reflected in its dimensions of 30.41 cm wide and 21.24 cm deep. 

Furthermore, it is only 1.61 cm thick and 4.1 mm at its smallest size. It weighs 1.29 kg, a weight that is also suitable for the avid nomadic traveller or the schoolboy who does not want to hurt his back.

The power of Apple's M1 chip

The MacBook Air is powered by the new M1 processor. With this chip, Apple has chosen to move away from its historic 15-year partnership with Intel. Instead, the M1 chip in the MacBook Air 2021 now owes its existence to the brains of Cupertino and is supported by TSMC. It is a key component for computer acceleration. Its architecture is similar to that of the fourth-generation iPad Air.

MacBook Air 2021 display

The MacBook Air M1 display is a Retina display. It uses LEDs for backlighting, has a diagonal measurement of 13.3 inches and uses IPS. The resolution is 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is a powerful 2K. So you can enjoy 227 pixels per inch. The MacBook Air 2021 supports millions of colours and offers three additional resolutions.

Plugs, memory and network

If you're considering a MacBook Air M1, there's one important thing to consider. Apple only uses a few sockets, so you can't just plug everything you want into them. This is a typical Mac feature that many other PCs don't have. In the MacBook Air 2021, Apple offers two Thunderbolt 3-compatible USB-C ports with speeds of up to 40 gigabits per second. 

These are used to charge and connect accessories, from simple keyboards to sophisticated SD card and USB memory hubs. The MacBook Air M1 also has a 3.5 mm jack for connecting headphones or wired headphones. However, if you don't like the hassle of cables, the MacBook Air M1 also supports Bluetooth. This means you can easily pair AirPods Max or a wireless mouse.

In addition, you can use AirDrop via Wi-Fi. This feature is available on the MacBook Air M1 as well as the iPad and iPod touch, so you can quickly transfer files between Apple devices. Unfortunately, you won't find it in the competition.