Proud Boys chieftains arrested and charged over Capitol protest

Ring leaders of the proud boys have been detained in connection with the Capitol protest. Prosecutors have identified the men and promised they will face justice.


Proud Boys leaders arrested over Capitol demonstrations


Four leaders who have been said to be leaders of the proud boys have been charged over the violent demonstrations in the Washington Capitol. Prosecutors have said there is new evidence that has indicated that these members contributed to the assault on congress members.


 Ethan Nordean and Joseph Biggs who are part of those arrested have been prominent members of the association. The legal counsel to the accused didn't immediately reply to comments about their clients. Following the January protest at the US Capitol which claimed more than three lives, many have called for a thorough investigation.


The incident happened when congressmen tried to validate the presidency of Mr. Biden. Donald Trump's critics have said he was responsible for inciting the violence. This came after the ex-president said there were several manipulations in the elections and said he was rigged out. Many of his supporters thronged to the Capitol to try to stop congress from validating the result.


Many proud boys members saw destroying the Capitol


 Many were seen bare-faced breaking into offices and halls. The detained leaders were part of those whose face was seen and evidence has emerged that they indeed led a group of proud boys members to foment trouble. Prosecutors have said they worked closely with security officials like the FBI to be able to nab these individuals.


 Last month, the ex-president was charged to the house, however, his charges didn't scale through as various party members voted for all charges to be dropped. If he had been charged, he may have been barred from future elections. Security officials have warned that there may be future attacks and that the Capitol should be beefed up.