Some advantages of the eufyCam 3

Formerly used only by commercial establishments and banks, surveillance cameras are now used to protect themselves when away from home. This is the case of the eufyCam 3 which is a high functionality camera capable of providing security inside and outside your home. So what are the advantages of the eufycam 3? Reading this article completely will let you know about these benefits.

A sophisticated recognition system

The very first advantage of the eufycam 3 is its very sophisticated recognition system. You can check my reference to learn more about the benefits of eufycam 3. Indeed, eufycam 3's recognition system knows distinguish between people, vehicles and pets. This type of camera manages to store a maximum of 50 faces. In addition, eufycam 3's recognition system works without an additional subscription. Although the eufycam 3 does not require a subscription, it has the same functions that some security cameras lack. However, buying the eufycam 3 security package is rather expensive, but pays for itself after a while compared to other solutions on the market. In addition, eufycam 3's recognition system is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Exceptional image quality and carefree camera battery life

Besides the sophisticated recognition system, the eufycam 3 has an exceptional image quality. With the eufycam 3, you will be entitled to high resolution 4K video for recordings. Similarly, for live viewing, the high video resolution is always 4k. A night vision mode and an integrated video light are integrated into the display system. The biggest advantage of high resolutions is that you can digitally zoom 8x on the video image. In addition, Night mode and the lamp bring light into the darkness. Another advantage of the eufycam 3 is the carefree battery life of its cameras. Security cameras in the eufyCam-3 package work wirelessly. Thanks to the 13,000 mAh batteries and the solar panels, a battery life of at least one year is supposed to be guaranteed