What are the requirements for travelling to Italy from the USA?

To travel from Italy to the United States, it is important to respect certain rules. These recommendations have arisen as a result of the health crisis that has been prevailing in the world for some time. The rules prescribed by the authorities are intended to protect the passenger. So read this article to find out the requirements for travelling from Italy to the US.

Filing a passenger location form

The first thing you have to do to make a trip from Italy to the US is the Passenger Locator form. In fact, this document is made online. It allows you to have a personal identifier with which you can make the trip with complete peace of mind. The passenger location form is a new trick adopted by the authorities. It allows the passenger's itinerary to be tracked to ascertain if they have an illness or infection.

Filing a self declaration form

Before you travel, you must present your airline with the self-declaration form. This is an important piece of documentation that will allow you to obtain your airline ticket. The self-declaration form is a document in which you make a health declaration and sign it. It is a kind of commitment. You have to present this form to the immigration officer before you are allowed to travel.

Have the results of the various medical examinations

. Another requirement for travelling from Italy to the United States is the results of medical examinations. In fact, before you can set foot on US soil from Italy, you must complete medical examinations for Covid-19 and antigens. The results are valid for 72 hours. You must therefore take the test shortly before your trip. The presentation of the results is compulsory to have access to the territory. You must also present a vaccination booklet that reveals your state of health and ensures your ability to travel freely.