What to know about how a chatbot works on Messenger

To be able to respond to the many customers online on Messenger, companies make use of chatbots. This allows them to be more efficient and to be able to meet the needs of customers 24/7. Follow in this article how the chatbot works on Messenger.

What is the basic functioning of a chatbot on Messenger?

A chatbot is a conversational robot that is programmed to talk to the customer in order to direct them or answer their concerns. The bot analyses and understands messages thanks to its library of questions and answers. Its operation is therefore necessary for any company wanting to be in contact with customers. For more information on this topic, please visit this helpful site.

Indeed, the chatbot is important for all marketing professionals with pages on Facebook. The conversation is done through buttons, texts and videos. A chatbot will help you buy a product just by following it. To communicate with the chatbot, you must first click on the Facebook Messenger button available on your company page. Then you will see the message button, press it. After pressing it you will see a window open. Then, after the window opens, you will see the company's products. From here you can start the conversation with the company's chatbot. You will notice a series of keywords that will guide you through the different procedures. This feature will allow you to be quicker and get to the essential things. The company will have to set up a chatbot with answers related to its business sector.

The stages of operation of the chatbot on Messenger 

The operation of the chatbot takes place in several parts. The first part is the interface and it is at this level that the customer uses the keyboard or a microphone to make his request. Then we have the second part which is the analysis of the request by the chatbot. This analysis is done through a web interface or the interface of an application. After that the chatbot tries to give an answer according to what is in the database which is the last step.