European Union promises to sanction Myanmar army leaders for illegal take-over

The leaders of the European Union have said they will soon place huge sanctions on the leaders of the Myanmar coup. They said close friends and financial properties will be targeted.



EU to make place huge sanctions on Burma leaders


The European Union has promised to sanction the military officials in Burma for the illegal coup they carried out early last month. More than 10 officials have been penned down for sanctions as several international organizations have called for stopping weapons into the country.


 The UN chief has called for a quick and stern unified response to the situation in the Asian country. Mr. Antonio Guterres has said this decision becomes necessary as various news of abuses have reared their head. The European nations will soon approve various sanctions on Monday to the top military officials as more countries take action.


 The 27-country bloc has agreed to make key Burmese officials pay for the takeover. Sanctions could include economic and military. A key EU official to the agreement said their night by visa bans and blocking of foreign assets to security officials indicated civilian abuses. UN special envoy Tom Andrews has called for more collaborative efforts about the Myanmar crisis.



Leaders hound party leaders in Burma


 Daily it has been reported by many NLD party officials that they have been hounded as many flee to neighboring countries. The citizens have continued to protest the continued detention of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and President Myint. However, army officials have said she is arrested because of importing illegal communication devices into the country.


Many have shamed international agencies for failing to protect civilians who have been shot daily and injured in the peaceful protest. There has been a major protest in Yangon and other major cities, as authorities continue to clamp down on demonstrators. The sanctions by international communities are hoping to weaken the strength of the officials to a larger extent.