France and Poland tighten lockdown protocols over high infection rates

Some European nations have increased lockdown protocols over high covid-19 rates. France and Poland have said this is necessary to prevent further spread among its citizens.


France and Poland tightens lockdown measures


The French authorities and polish have introduced stricter lockdown policies after last week's surge in Covid-19 rates in the country. About 20 million people in more than 15 regions in France have been affected by what many called the third wave. In Poland, many businesses which don't deal in essential products have been shut down for another three weeks.


 Poland has the largest daily statistics of covid-19 since December in the European bloc. Germany is also battling the coronavirus which figures have risen immensely in some cities as Chancellor Merkel was of stricter emergency measures to combat the disease. European nations have been battling huge infection rates due to supply problems and also blood clot issues.


EMA has said AstraZeneca vaccination is 'good'


However, the blood clot issues in Europe have been put to bed as the European medical association said the AstraZeneca job is okay. Also, some protests have emerged in some countries over the covid-19 restrictions in certain areas. Dutch citizens have gone to court after the government issued a night curfew to limit the spread. In the capital, Amsterdam, security forces have been using water cannons and tear gas to dispel the crowds at the city Square.


 Several dogs can be seen manning strategic posts with their handlers in Utrecht and other Dutch citizens. In Kessel in Germany batons and pepper spray can be seen used to disperse crowds as they count to protest against lockdown protocols.


The French and Polish government has continued to ask for patience from citizens while urging pharmaceutical firms to increase drug supply across the region to boost government efforts.

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